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The JemSongs Music catalogue is available for use by recording and/or performing artists or for licence in the TV, Film and Advertising industries. Enquiries from Publishers looking to enhance their catalogues are also welcome.

JemSongs Music already has numerous songs under contract with large and small publishers around the world, including companies such as

  • ChrysalisClip in the UK,

  • Ostay Music Publishing in Nevada, USA

  • PeggyLea Publishing in Nashville and Wisconsin, USA

  • Trowbridge Publishing in Nashville, USA

  • ETNC in Canada

to name but a few.

As well as the songs featured on this site, we can also produce songs to order based on your specific requirements. Co-writing is also available, either by collaborating from initial concept, or by setting and arranging your pre-written lyrics to music, or developing lyrics to your lead-line and/or musical arrangement.

Interest in songs from the current catalogue are being pursued by established and emerging artists worldwide, including names like Ilse Delange (Netherlands), Bernard Lachance (Canada), Leesa Harpur (New Zealand), Lynda Wehipeihana (Australia), Jody Dawn (US), Alex Price (Canada), Mandi Leigh (US), Denim (UK), Chastity (UK), Sam Butterworth (UK), Lara Nahum (UK) amongst others.

Other companies involved in pitching songs from the catalogue include Atlanta Music Group, Hopeful Dreamer Music, ETNC and Toby Darling Ltd.

If you would like to use any songs for your project and would like further information, please register your interest via our Licensing page, or send us an email.                                                          






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