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If you are interested in licensing a song (or songs) from JemSongs Music, please complete the Licence Enquiry Form below or contact or phone +44 (0)1344 774759 or +44 (0)7941 649152 to discuss your interest in our catalogue.

Performance, mechanical and/or synchronization licensing negotiations can take place once you register your interest in a song (or songs). Of course, we will work with you to make sure that if you want to record and/or licence a JemSongs Music song the process will be smooth and painless. Please make note of the song (or songs) you are interested in and complete the form where we ask you a few questions and some information that will help us assist you.

Please note that all information is strictly confidential and will never be sold, traded or given away. Items marked with an asterisk (*) below are essential for us to be able to contact you. If you prefer to use the e-mail link instead, please don't forget to include these items in your message.


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