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Sarah Sims:


Sarah is a talented music graduate who writes, sings and plays piano. She completed her music degree at Southampton University in 2001 and is currently in the final stages of writing a musical, two demo songs from which 'The Prayer' and 'Unrequited Love' are featured here. Further tracks will be added in the near future:

'The Prayer'*

'Unrequited Love'*

* Copyright 2005 Sarah Sims

She also provides the excellent lead vocals on 'This Life', 'Nobody Knows' and the latest addition 'Love What You Do', full details of which are available on the Songs page:

'This Life'

'Nobody Knows'

'Love What You Do'


Maria Smith:

Maria has a very distinctive voice and has in the past had notable success in auditioning for various TV shows. She performs the lead vocals on several tracks featured on the Songs page:

'You Make Me Laugh'


'Everybody Needs'


'All My Life'

'Put Out The Fire'

'Casual Thing'

'Sitting In My Chair'

Maria is available for session work and gigs.



Songs by Other Artists:

Jeremy Ferne (pictured left with top Nashville Artist and Songwriter Beth Nielsen-Chapman) is involved with various other singers and artists from around the world. A selection of songs featuring their vocals is listed here

See the Songs page for further details:

'Do You Surrender'

'Best Days of Your Life'

'Every Time We Make Love'

'If Heaven Can Wait''

'Tidal Wave'

'Out Of The Mouths'

'Only Time Will Tell'





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